Leon Hunt

As one reviewer once observed ‘being the best 5-string banjo player in the UK must be rather like being the foremost ‘fast-bowler’ in Virginia’. Leon Hunt has, for more than a decade, continued to confound that notion (and the many stereotypes that attempt to confine the 5-string banjo to Bluegrass music) by making his living playing alongside some of the world’s top musicians from a number of musical styles, backgrounds and disciplines.

Since graduating from his ‘Music and Music Technology’ degree in 2000 Leon has taken part in numerous notable ‘transatlantic’ recordings; Miles Apart (2004) Shuttle Diplomacy (2008) and Fishing Music (2009). These projects have included some of the biggest names in American traditional music; Viktor Krauss, Tim O’Brien, Stuart Duncan, David Grier and Matt Flinner to name a few.

Beyond proving his Bluegrass credentials, Leon has also found himself in a diverse array of other musical settings; occasional live and/or recorded collaborations with Irish traditional music’s Michael McGoldrick, Lunasa and Flook, African Kora virtuoso, Sekou Kieta, and English Folk royaltly, Kate Rusby and Seth Lakeman.

Leon has also enjoyed being part of several major theatre productions for The Royal Shakespeare Company, Birmingham Rep, and The New Vic (search the web hard enough and you’ll find a very funny picture of him in a powdered wig and tights!!!)

If all of the above name dropping means nothing to you then we’ll have to resort to Anchor Butter’s major TV advertising campaign (the series of commercials with the fuzzy felt cows), that was Leon too!

Jason Titley

Jason is arguably the UK’s finest Bluegrass guitarist, his flair for improvisation and deep understanding of rhythm (he also plays drums) always makes his playing unpredictable and exciting. Jason is a long-time on-off musical partner of Leon’s. Most notably was throughout the ’90s with the band Daily Planet. Daily Planet toured extensively throughout Europe and in The US and left three ‘landmark’ albums in its wake.

More recently Jason was involved in the ‘new timey’ trio Rabbi John and toured the UK with the US virtuoso Tim O’Brien. He has also recently joined the popular street band the huckleberries.

Jason also presents a live weekly hour long acoustic radio show